What is Orkan.js

Orkan.js is a content management toolkit for building and managing dynamic React applications with ease.

It uses Firebase Firestore, Authentication and Storage as a secure and scalable turn key back-end solution.

Orkan.js differ from other CMS solutions by the fact that it's embedded into your app and not the other way around. Why it's a plus?

  • Truly painless integration into existing React projects.
  • No platform limitations - you can use any third party packages and setups you like.
  • Side by side realtime editing experience by design.

In The Kit

  • Mobx powered data store and Components which enables the flow of the data into the application.
  • Admin interface which enables to authorized users to manage the data in a CMS like fashion.
  • Automatic Firebase integration, all you need is to provide the configuration object supplied by firebase.

The Admin Interface

The admin interface is a completely optional but extremely powerful tool. Customize it to suit your specific product in minutes, or disable it completely. Either way It loads asyncronousely only when it's needed so it wont effect your app's load time at all.

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